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Islet Mezanj, near Dugi Otok Hot

Islet Mezanj, near Dugi Otok

Location info

Minimum skill: Beginner
Type: WallCrevicesHole
Start depth: 3-5 m
Max depth: 50-60 m
Visibility: 25-30 m
Currents: Slight
Marine life: Soft corals • Gorgonia
Access: Approach is possible only by boat.


Dugi otokZadarPasman

Location map

Location description

Dugi Otok (Long island) belongs to the Zadar Kornati Archipelago.
Off the south-western coast of Dugi Otok, half a mile away to the open sea there is a small island Mezanj as the local inhabitants call it. The islet is only several metres high, it is covered by Mediterranean machia. On this island you will find a beautiful pebbly beach facing Dugi otok. The north-eastern side is convenient for anchoring.

While diving you will see that the ground gently slopes to the depth of 12m, but from that point abruptly falls down. In the middle of the south-western side of the islet, at the depth of 6m there is a pit descending to 15m where you will find a pit descending to 15m where you will find a cave consisting of a hall about 30m long. All around, the walls are covered with sponges and moss animals. Through smaller passages light is penetrating inside the cave enlightening the space with transparent blue colour.

When you leave the cave and find yourself inside the hole, you will see a passage leading you to the open sea. You will also notice the wall dropping to 55m of depth.

There grow gorgonians, sponges, corals, and moss animals. At a smaller depth you will meet numerous shoals of fish.

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