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Rasip island, Kornati Archipelago

Location info

Minimum skill: Advanced
Type: WallReefCrevicesStreep wall
Start depth: 8-12 m
Max depth: 50-60 m
Visibility: 20-25 m
Currents: Slight
Access: Approach is possible only by boat.


Dugi otokZadarPasman

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Location description

The most amazing diving area along the Croatian Coast is the sea in the Kornati Archipelago. The islands are located to the west of the Sibenik town and to the south of the town of Zadar. Owing to the beauty of its unique nature, a bigger part of the area was proclaimed a National Park in 1980.

In the whole archipelago there are 140 islands, islets and reefs; inside the National Park there are 89 islands, islets and reefs that occupy the area of 220 km2.

The submarine life of the Kornati islands is outstanding, attracting divers from all parts of Europe. Here you will find many diverse locations, all with specific types of submarine relief full of life, steep walls, underwater caves, crevices and passages.

Rasip island is only one of the most attractive localities. There you will find one of the most beautiful walls in the Adriatic. The island is situated at the outer crown of Kornati archipelago, inside The National Park. The outer side of the island is steep, the inner side slopes gently downwards. The submarine life is beautiful. There is a flat level at the depth of 10m and from that point the wall abruptly falls to 60m. At the depth of 30m you will find coral reefs, sponges of different kinds and see numerous fish. At a greater depth you will see crimson gorgonians looking like red forest. You will meet shoals of fish at the depth of 10 to 15 metres.

The Kornati submarine area is considered the richest in the Adriatic, the geomorphology of its seabed is amazing. Islands of Kaprije, Kakanj, Zirje, Sokol, Blitvenica belong to the area of Šibenik while Ugljan, Pašman, Dugi otok, Vir, Iz, Silba and Olib are a part of the Zadar Archipelago. Those are inhabited islands.

Note: Within the Kornati National Park group diving is allowed only if organized by legal providers of such services. Individual diving is forbidden. During a diving visit it is not allowed to touch or take anything out of the sea or harm the sea creatures in any way.

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